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How to Prepare for Surgery

On the morning of surgery, wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and avoid pullover garments. You may want to bring a sweater or jacket for your comfort as the temperature in the office is often quite cool. If the site to be treated is on your face or neck, please do not wear make-up, perfume or jewelry in these areas.


On the day of surgery, we suggest you eat a full breakfast because it is possible that you may be in our office for most of the day.

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In most cases patients are able to drive themselves home after surgery. However, in certain circumstances, it may be helpful to arrange a ride to and from the office or have one companion accompany you if you feel you might be anxious and would prefer taking an anti-anxiety medication the morning of surgery. You may also be more comfortable with someone to keep you company in the reception area. However, due to space limitations in our waiting room, we request that you bring only one companion with you on the day of surgery.

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To minimize pain during surgery we suggest taking Tylenol (acetaminophen} as prescribed on the bottle 30-60 minutes prior to your appointment.

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Medical History

If not completed in advance, upon arrival at our office you will be asked to complete a medical history form. It may be helpful for you to bring a list of medications, allergies, past medical problems and their treatment, in addition to information regarding medical problems that run in your family. We strongly suggest that prior to your appointment you log onto our electronic medical record system through our patient portal to completely fill out your medical history and other required intake forms. This will facilitate your intake into the practice on the morning of surgery. Please ask our scheduling staff for directions if you have difficulty with the online assitance form.

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On the day of surgery you should take your normal medications prescribed by your other doctors. Patients who are on prescription or over the counter blood thinning medications are safe to continue those medication through the day of surgery. The risk of side effects from stopping those medications are often times higher than the small increased risk of bleeding or bruising during or after the surgery while taking them. Please contact our office prior to your appointment if you have any questions about your medications.

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Do not drink any alcoholic beverages for 48 hours before surgery and for 48 hours after surgery since this can thin your blood.

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protection tip

Remember to apply sunscreen on cloudy days too since theultraviolet light penetrates easily through the clouds

Avoid sun exposure during mid-day hours (10 am to 4 pm) when the ultraviolet rays are most powerful.

Wear sun protective gear such as a broad-brimmed hat, sunglasses and long sleeve shirts or pants.

Don't forget to protect your lips with a lip balm containing sunscreen.

Seek shade wherever possible





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